Valledoro is a Brescia-based company specialized in baked goods, founded by Ferruccio and Rina Zubani in the 1930s as a bakery. After becoming Valledoro in 1954, it has expanded over the years and, led by the son Giorgio, is now in the third generation with Giulio, Dario and Marco Zubani. Today Valledoro has 7 production lines in order to offer a wide range of bakery products such as breadsticks, snacks, and an organic / gluten free line. Over the years, Valledoro has chosen to follow some fundamental values:

  • The pursuit of quality and food safety
  • Sustainability and respect for the environment
  • the ethical approach in corporate life

The production process takes place entirely in the Brescia factory. The Company values are a careful selection of raw materials, the absence of preservatives / dyes in all Valledoro Items and a transparent and constructive relationship with the surrounding environment. Valledoro has maintained a method of craftsmanship typical of the best Italian tradition. This processing method is based on a careful selection of grains and also on an accurate formulation of the dough in order to maintain a perfect balance of the elements. 


Valledoro started its sales in the Brescia area during the 1950s with the product "Bibì e Bibò", born on the recommendation of a talented pediatrician for weaning children. Later, the Company introduced a line of breadsticks, distributing its products mainly in northern Italy, with lines dedicated to food service and retail. Since the 2000s Valledoro has also started to export its products to foreign markets, bearing the name of Italy and Brescia all over the world.


The motto "producing for our customers as for our children" is the synthesis of the passion and attention that Valledoro dedicates to the quality of its products. Since 1998 it has been among the first ISO certified companies. Today the company is also BRC and IFS certified.

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