Frozen Burrata

Tradition becomes innovation

Totem Food was the first company to develop and implement a project aimed at deep-freezing burrata, and not without difficulty, since in a country like ours, a producer of delicious cheeses, no one had considered the possibility of freezing them. For us, this is a distinctive element of which we are proud, because it has in fact expanded the possibility of exporting these products, with a series of advantages hitherto unknown. Freezing becomes the ideal solution for overcoming distances, thus guaranteeing good product quality, considerable savings in transport costs and the possibility of managing products comfortably, avoiding waste. What distinguishes us is our strong passion for innovation and a particular attention to the quality of our products, which we strive to improve every day in order to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding market. Know-how developed with passion and tenacity which, by overcoming difficulties, has given these products a new way of being used, without sacrificing quality, all of which is now feasible, given that our products after thawing offer the creaminess that has made them famous throughout the world. 
Over the years, Totem Food has consolidated its experience in the field of cheese freezing, dedicating itself to the search for other innovative solutions, and has succeeded in progressively expanding its range of products. We aim to grow further with the gradual introduction of new products that we are currently testing. 
Burrata is our flagship product, to which we have recently added some very interesting variants that are yielding excellent results. Obviously, in addition to this, we are focusing on our entire range of creamy cheeses, which represent our strong point and aim to conquer a more quality-oriented market, such as stracciatella, mascarpone and a new range of spreadable cheeses.
The freezing of fresh cheeses is the future for exports, and is destined to grow and play an increasingly important role in a globalised market. Only by extending the shelf life of these products will it be possible to reach every part of the world, and we are continuing to work in this direction in order to be at our best.

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