Feta cheese P.D.O 400g e BOX in brine

Product description: Greek feta cheese P.D.O*-Soft cheese from pasteurized Greek sheep’s and goat’s milk. (PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN)

Ingredients: Greek sheep’s milk (≥70%) & Greek goat’s milk (<30%), rennet (origin: Denmark/ microbial), starter (origin: Italy / g.m.o, preservatives, allergens free), sea salt (origin: Greece). This product is stored in brine (salinity=5,18%). Moisture ≤56%, Fat content in dry matter ≥43%.

Intended use:  Consumed by all ages except people allergic to lactose. 

Milk-country of origin: Greece.

Shelf life: 7 months from the day of delivery.


Feta cheese P.D.O 400g e BOX in brine

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