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Where the wheat becomes gold

Pasta Jesce born from the indissoluble love of a family for his territory: Puglia.In love of the tastes of the region and believer to the roots of her city, Altamura, the bread’s city DOP and the city of the innumerable mills, the company begins the production of fresh and dry artisanal pasta.The use of modern technologies and selected raw materials, assure to our company, a stable and gradual growth in the national and international market.In few years what was a small local pasta factory, thanks to graces ideas and to a serious commercial politics, has become one of the principal Apulian pasta factory. The factory rises in Altamura in the green of “Murgia Barese”, in the south of Italy. The structure, of recent construction, consists of 4000 mqs, of which 1500mq are turned to the production and the packaging of both fresh and dry pasta.

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