Gluten-free purity protocol combined with state-of-the-art sorting technology

The purest oats in the world deserve a world-class mill. The brand-new oat mill for 65 Oats ingredients represents state-of-the-art technology. It’s one of the very few strictly gluten-free pure oat mills in the world. 

Intricate processes and the loving hands of our people

All 65 Oats ingredients are always produced following a strict purity protocol that starts already from the field, and contract farmers. Highly professional and meticulous farmers who commit to the gluten-free operating principles have been selected as collaboration partners to ensure that pure oats remain gluten-free already from the field. The pure raw-materials combined with the state-of-the-art sorting technology in the mill produces safely gluten-free ingredients in one-of-a-kind way. Ensuring oats to be safely gluten-free has been the main principle already when designing the mill and the whole milling process, from receiving the grains to loading the ready oats. 

Safety through traceability

It is the greatest importance to our family mill to produce tasty, high-quality, and safe gluten-free oats. Apart from being delicious, we believe that a high-quality oat should be pure, uniform, have a great self-life, and be traceable. Therefore 65 Oats products can be fully tracked and traced back to the farm and the information about the exact farm and origin for the products can be provided if requested.

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