Agosta family history

Since the mid-1800s, the Agosta family has been cultivating the lands of the ancient Feudo Mondello which extends for about 270 hectares in the Belìce valley in Sicily.

Feudo Mondello closed the wheat supply chain by building a mill with a natural stone mill and an artisan pasta factory where it transforms its durum wheat into pasta and flour.

A few days after grinding, the semolina is transformed into pasta with the use of bronze dies. The pasta is then dried slowly in static cells where the temperature never exceeds 38 ° to maintain the color, aroma and taste of Sicilian durum wheat. The use of particularly coarse semolina, produced with stone grinding, makes our pasta "naturally rough" to better retain the seasonings. This production process gives rise to wholemeal pasta that brings us back to the authenticity of the past pasta, the pasta of our grandparents. The products have a high health value due to the low glycemic index typical of wholemeal products and the presence of its bran and its wheat germ which is a powerful natural food supplement.

The use of wheat grown in our fields, its transformation and on-site packaging ensure complete traceability.

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