The Azienda Agricola Salera

When he arrives, you notice him: wide-brimmed hat, white beard and moustache, quick and characteristic speech, this is Giancarlo Salera, farmer and businessman who, with his children Pierluigi and Ilaria, leads the Salera Farm. A name that has become a brand and a synonym of excellence and genuineness.

The Salera Farm is distinguished for the production of cereals and flours, cultivated in the lands of Martinengo and Morengo (Bergamo). In addition, in Garlasco, in the Ticino Park in Pavia, the Salera family has purchased the farmstead La Reale, located in an uncontaminated and authentic environment. Here they produce a rice much loved by the most renowned chefs and with optimal characteristics for cooking and mixing with other ingredients. Salera rice can be found mentioned on many restaurant menus and as an ingredient used by Italian chefs in international competitions.

Tradition and Innovation
This success is due to the winning combination of tradition and modernity: purely artisan processes carried out with stone husking are flanked by control processes that guarantee a final product rich in nutrients, tasty and safety. Salera is a guarantee of quality and respect for ancient processes. The flagship of Salera's production is Carnaroli rice aged 5 years; among the other cultivated varieties we find: Vialone Nano, Vero Arborio, Carnaroli Integrale, Aromatico Apollo, Roma and Ermes. Not only rice, Salera's production is completed with the cultivation of cereals and ancient grains, that is those natural varieties, not genetically modified, which guarantee excellent quality at the expense of abundant production. Among flours, rigorously stone milled, we find those for polenta in specialties such as Marano, Husked Corn , White Corn, Grizz Corn, Red Corn and Taragna. There are also dough flours: Rices, Buckwheat and Corn Powder flours. Salera flours are also used to make delicious sweet and savory bakery products.

Salera products are distributed in the best restaurants and in authorized retailers, for a complete list consult the website

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