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Conservas Emperatriz - Corporate video

Welcome to our world at "Conservas Emperatriz" and thank you for your interest in our company. Enjoy the experience and together we can benefit from the power of healthy food and healthy eating. Since 1960, we are the leaders in production development and we strive to continuously innovate and improve each of our products found in our portfolio. Together we are stronger and able to defend the best of legacies: the protection of our ecosystem and the sustainability of our seas and farms. Our company, located in a privileged enclave of the autonomous community of La Rioja, Spain between the Ebro and Cidacos rivers, has a strategic connection to the Cantabrian seaports only 180 kilometers from our world class modern facilities, uniting the treasures of our sea with the best produce of our land. We at Conservas Emperatriz invite you to learn more about us and we welcome you to visit our facilities. We are here for you today and for generations to come.

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