Del Colle pulses & grains

Eating properly is ecological , is healthy, is culture! “Choosing a sustainable diet means preferring foods that have little environmental impact, bio-diversity and ecosystem friendly .A necessary choice for everyone’s mental and physical well-being, but it is a “cultural act” as well , in order to preserve the hystorical memories of our food traditions”. Del Colle was born in 1996 like a small artisan company and have grown up over time, extending the offering to agricultural productions from all over the world as well. Thanks to our tuscan supply-chain, to our italian supply-chain with cultivations over the entire national territory, to our international enterprise, we can select the best productions from geographical areas which, for climatic conditions , for soil conditions or only for local agronomic experience , can give the best treasures of the land for a journey of flavors and traditions both from our country and from other continents.

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