RISERVA ALBERONA is the spearhead of Cascina Alberona's production: its best selection of Carnaroli Classico rice, limited quantity, seasoned 24 months in temperature controlled silos inside the farm, for an even more valuable rice.

The choice of the grains goes through a careful selection that, thanks to the subsequent 24 months of seasoning, guarantee a greater hold in cooking and less stickiness, so as to increase the quality of your risotto with the grains well shelled on the plate and the intense flavour of the rice on the palate.

RISERVA ALBERONA rice is a Carnaroli obtained exclusively from controlled seed and certified as "CLASSICO" and "CARNAROLI DA CARNAROLI PAVESE".

The above mentioned characteristics, together with the exceptional compactness of the elongated grains with a small central part, make it one of the best quality rice on the market and the flagship product of Cascina Alberona which, after more than 30 years of activity in the rice farming sector, has the experience and production capacity necessary for its cultivation and processing of this rice.

Riserva Alberona


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