Ménele is born! The new almond liqueur, 100% natural and vegetable made by the Apulian almonds ONLY!

Among the numerous and precious Beltion products, Ménele stands out today, a liqueur that has passed the strict vegan certification criteria of Veganok, the most widespread ethical standard in the world; in fact, Ménele is totally free of any animal derivative in its ingredients and in its packaging. 

The word “Ménele” means “almonds” in the Apulian dialect, and Ménele gives the intensive taste of almonds exclusively from the beautiful and fertile territory of Puglia. This rich and ancient fruit has been in the history of Beltion since 1885 when the great-grandfathers of the current owners offered almond milk in a café in Putignano, pounding fresh almonds in a large stone mortar, still jealously guarded today. There is no addition of milk or cream, only the lightness of a perfect balance between sweet and bitter almonds, a wonderful alternative to the classic amaretto. 

Ménele is a delicately alcoholic liqueur (16% vol.), it is sublime if drunk very cold as it is, but also extremely versatile in the preparation of traditional or contemporary cocktails. Lastly (but not the least), it can be used as the surprising ingredient in the experimentation of the most varied gourmet recipes for its creaminess and intense flavor.


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