Amaro Mediterraneo is the result of an ancient family recipe and of the infusion of the most fragrant herbs, spices, bark, berries and typically Mediterranean aromatic roots, carefully selected and mixed, to create a harmonious, unique and unmistakable taste.

Our AMARO Values


like the citrus aftertaste that preserves all the warmth of our land.

Because “Mediterraneo” is instinct and passion: from the lush green of the expanses of olive trees, to the plain that descends towards the blue of the sea.


like eating lunch at home, in the company of those that are closest to your heart.

An amaro is an after-meal drink that has become an Italian “legend” over the years and an Italian tradition that cannot be ignored.

A routine that should be experienced, just like in the South of Italy.


like taking a trip and discovering the flavors of a far away land. Every sip of Amaro Mediterraneo is like a stroll along the tiny streets of a village in the South, among dry stone walls and the intense red soil of the land.


like the harmony of herbaceous notes, an ideal companion throughout the day. Whether served cold or straight, Amaro Mediterraneo has a complex and convincing flavor, aromatic and persistent.


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