Fox Bar Italia, the Italian style aperitif for the leisure time

24 Hours of Business since 1989

Telling the story of FOX  means telling the story of the inexplicable success of the aperitivo italiano, a magical moment in Italy and worldwide.

It means talking about iconic films such as Federico Fellini’s “LA DOLCE VITA” and “I VITELLONI”.Like Antonio Pavone’s FOX, Ennio Flaiano was born in the Pescara countryside (Abruzzo), in 1910.
Screenwriter, author, journalist, humorist, film critic and playwright, he wrote for Oggi, Il Mondo, Il Corriere della Sera and other major publications.
He worked extensively with Federico Fellini, collaborating closely on the scripts and screenplay of the Rimini director’s best-known films, including La Dolce Vita, La Strada and I Vitelloni.

Like Ennio Flaiano, Antonio Pavone was also born in the country around Pescara, in 1963.
Son and grandson of farmers, and with a degree in economics, his experience in an American multinational led to a moment of madness, and he became an entrepreneur, gambling on the success of snack products for aperitifs.

Starting with peanuts, which only came to Italy with the Marshall Plan in 1948; continuing with the first chili pepper-flavoured rice crackers, maize Tortilla Chips and later artisan potato crisps with rosemary.
Simple, humble products from the land, for moments of happiness, aperitifs or Happy Hour. “Like my illustrious fellow countryman Ennio Flaiano, I believe in the need for a certain madness…” And guess what, success was inevitable in a “consumer society” which adopts and accepts as its own the “novelties” which only yesterday were seen as alien and subversive.
Today Bar Italia is a major Italian company, increasingly present in foreign markets.

The close link between culture, regional identity and our family company has made us an outstanding model of Italian excellence which brings the Made in Italy tradition into the most modern of occasions, with snack products whose multisensory uniqueness makes them exceptionally satisfying.



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