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About the De Robertis Family Estate

The De Robertis olive grove is located in the heart of the Apulia region of Italy along the Adriatic seaside and near the medieval town of Trani.

The De Robertis Family Estate

Stretching over 74 acres, the De Robertis estate produces a native olive variety called Coratina, renowned for its high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Situated along the southern ‘heel’ of Italy, the trees are blessed by an abundance of Mediterranean sun that works throughout the day to naturally nurture and ripen the olives.

Our extra virgin olive oil is crafted with a deep respect for the land. From personally monitoring the health of each tree on the farm to meticulous soil and ground maintenance, we take great care to ensure our olives can naturally flourish in a healthy environment. Our team of 3rd and 4th generation arborists can routinely be seen checking and pruning our trees, branch by branch. We believe it’s this painstaking effort, deemed unnecessary by many, which allows us to produce such high-quality olives.

The Villa at the De Robertis Family Estate
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