Antonio Amato pasta: produced with 100% Italian durum wheat freshly ground

Have you ever tasted any freshly milled durum wheat pasta? If you open a pack of Antonio Amato pasta you can smell the freshly harvested wheat. If you taste it, you can feel the fragrance of a 100% Italian durum wheat and taste one of the most delicious pasta ever. From our mill to the pasta factory. After harvesting, the wheat arrives in Salerno to be ground and it becomes high quality semolina, then in a few hours it will be turned into pasta. In this way, we preserve all of its organoleptic properties contributing to reduce the environmental impact, limiting Co2 emissions, as well as the consumption of energy and water. 100% Italian wheat, an excellent choice with a great value We only use durum wheat grown in Italy and controlled at every stage, from sowing to harvesting. We can produce a more and more delicious pasta. Flavour, aroma and fragrance We have a unique recipe: 100% Italian durum wheat, freshly ground and turned into pasta in less than twenty-four hours. The secret of our pasta makers is to preserve all the qualities of the finest durum wheat such as its flavor, its aroma and its fragrance. Our pasta will surprise you.

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