Dalì’s aphorism invites us to discover the secrets enclosed in a glass of wine. Varvello has always paid keen attention to the “Made in Italy”, dedicating time and passion to the tasting and to the selection of the finest wines, as the best sommeliers are asked to do. Varvello’s wish was to personally discover the art of viticulture and vinification, the traditions closely linked to the wine-growing regions of the “Bel Paese” (“Beautiful Country”), by selecting the most suitable wines for its vinegar production. From Varvello’s native region, Vermouth, Barolo and Barbaresco. From the Veneto region, the lively Prosecco wine and, from sunny Sicily, the Pinot Grigio, aging for three long years before showing up at your table. The result? A vinegar with a surprising flavour and a unique colour. This is just the beginning: our glass of wine has other secrets to disclose! Let’s find out together…

mono variety vinegar


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