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Our Soft Amaretto is created through the respect for the age-old traditional recipe, it is a product of the highest quality, guaranteed by the scrupulous and careful selection of raw materials and it is totally gluten-free. Only ingredients of the highest quality are used in the making of this delicious pastry: the best almonds, apricot kernels, white of egg and sugar, in full compliance with the provisions of the Ministerial Decree of 22 July 2005, which protects the most renowned specialities of the Italian confectionary tradition. Only eggs from free-range hens are used in this product. Our Soft Amaretti are the result of a delicate and careful production process that, for the entire shelf life of the product, maintains unchanged the unique characteristics of quality, genuineness and fragrance which make inimitable this exquisite speciality. From the rolling phase, when the dough is placed in small portions on the baking tray, to the wrapping of each individual Soft Amaretto, each careful step contributes to obtain this small, traditional delight with a slightly flattened, round shape, covered by a dusting of sugar whose fragrance is released during baking. It holds a soft and scented centre with its characteristic gently bitter flavour.



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